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"War on Perfection - battle of iPhotography"

Independent artist, curator and journalists. For more than 15 years Art Director for Polish Daily News Nowy Dziennik in New York City. "War on Perfection" is his fight with our perfect world built by commercial photography and false journalism. He is a member of Emotionalists Artists Group since 2001. His first attack on burgers which looks tasty on photograph but ugly and not tasty in real live at all had place in 2001. Making experimental photographs and producing fine art photos out of it is his challange
Experimental photographs are taken mostly by iPhone or low end digital cameras but also by pin hole camera. One of the best looking are photographs transfer using heat to Aluminium plates, others stick to foambord than cut to picies and compose as a large painting, or small traditional prints from pinhole camera etc. Title "War on Perfection - battle of iPhotography" comes from iPhone which is the right tool to use capturing the world around for Mietko. Within few years nobody will know what it is $50K digital camera except antique dealers and snobs. This photographs are challenging esthetics of advertising age which is coming to the end in its traditional meaning, and the best part of it is that they are more beautiful but less perfect simply closer to OUR lives.