Janusz Skowron lives and works in New York City

Born in Poland where he studied Fine Arts at University UMCS in Lublin and received a Masters Degree in Lithography in 1983 from Professor D. Kolwzan-Nowicka. In 1978 he co- founded the “KONT Gallery”. Since 1989
Janusz has been living and working in New York City. He is a member of “Emotionalist Art Group”, “The Polish Artists Association”, “The Polish Institute of Arts & Sciences of America” (PIASA), and “New Century Artists”. He took part in more than a hundred exhibitions, displaying his works in Poland, Hungary, USA, South Korea, China, France, Denmark and Germany. Janusz does painting, drawing and graphic arts. Since 2001 his illustrations have been published by the New York magazine Kurier Plus.

Selected Individual Exhibitions:
2007 - Kurier Plus Gallery, New York, USA
- Museum, Kolbuszowa, Poland
2006 - Shtooka Gallery, New York, USA
- Museum Castle, Liw, Poland
2005 - PIASA Gallery, New York, USA
- BWA Gallery, Rzeszow, Poland
- EKO MUSEUM Gallery, Starachowice, Poland
2004 - The Kosciuszko Foundation, New York, USA
- Easton Library, Easton, CT, USA
2003 - Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA
- Kurier Plus Gallery, New York, USA
2001 - Curry Gallery, Boston, MA, USA
- Consulate General of the Republic of Poland, New York, USA
- Pod Arkadami Gallery, Lomza, Poland
2000 - Europa Gallery, New York, USA
1999 - Skulski Art Gallery, Clark, NJ, USA
1989 - BWA Gallery Sandomierz, ODK Stalowa Wola, Poland
1987 - Tarnow - 3 Gallery, Tarnow, Poland
1985 - DK Gallery, Starachowice, Poland
1981 - KMPiK Gallery, Starachowice, Poland
- Arcus Gallery, Lublin, Poland
1980 - ACK Gallery, Lublin, Poland
1979 - DS Helios Gallery, Lublin, Poland
1976 - Kolbuszowa, Poland